How To Use Weed Burner

How To Use Weed Burner - Hardell

With the arrival of spring,everything begins to revive,flowers begin to bloom,and grass begins to grow.But as a result,weeds also began to appear in areas such as lawns,crevices in stone slabs,or near fences.When facing weeds,we often choose to use weed burners,but as a potentially dangerous tool,improper use can easily lead to fires.Next,Hardell will introduce how to safely use weed burner?

Step 1:Understand the Weed Burner

The weed burner is mainly composed of propane tanks,software,and a torch connected to the weed burner.The main function of a propane tank is to provide fuel for the weed burner.The hose is connected to the propane tank and the torch of the weed burner.The torch of the weed burner is quite complex,and its main composition is shown in the following figure.

weed burner components

Among them,flame control knob is used to control propane through the weed burner torch.Boost control levers control the pressure of propane in the torch of the weed burner,thereby controlling the length of the flame.Button igniter is the propane ignited in the torch of weed burner.Related article:What is weed burner

Step 2,connect the propane tank and hose

Connect propane tank to hose

Connect the propane tank to the hose,being careful not to turn on the switch of the propane tank at this time.

Step 3,connect the hose to the weed burner torch

connect the hose to the weed burner torch


Connect the hose connecting the propane tank to the torch of weed burner,making it a whole.

Part 4:Opening the Gas Valve

turn on flame control knob of weed burner

First,open the gas valve of the propane tank,and then open the gas valve on the torch of the weed burner,paying attention to the sequence.

Step 5,ignition

push button ignitor of weed burner

Align the torch of the weed burner with the ground and at a certain height.Then push the ignition device.At this point,the weed burner torch is in a burning state.If it has not yet burned,please push the ignition device again.

Step 6,control the boost control lever

press idle boost control lever of weed burenr

Adjust the flame to the desired length and size by controlling the pressure control lever at the grip.If you are not satisfied with the flame length,you can open the gas valve of the weed burner torch wider to allow more propane gas to pass through.

weed burner burns weed

Step 7,burn weed

Aim the torch of the ignited weed burner at the leaves and roots of the weeds and burn until the weeds are completely burned.Related reading:How to use weed puller

Precautions for using weed burners

1.Do not use weed burner to weed around flammable materials to prevent fires.

2.Do not use weed burner to burn grass in windy weather.

3.Do not use weed burner to burn poisonous vines or other poisonous plants.Smoke can cause serious allergic reactions and pollute the environment.

use weed burner before and after

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