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What Is Weed Burner - Hardell

Weed burner is a tool that uses flames to weed. It generates high-temperature flames through a flamethrower, directly burning down weeds. Most weed burners nowadays use propane as fuel because propane is cheap and does not produce harmful substances after combustion. Next, Hardell will introduce to you what is weed burner? I hope to help everyone understand weed burner.

What is the principle of weed burner?

The principle of weed burner for weeding is to generate high temperature by burning propane, causing water in plant leaf cells to boil, causing them to rupture and disrupt photosynthesis, thereby achieving the effect of weeding. The damage to tender weeds is enough to kill the entire plant, including its roots. Only a momentary amount of heat can cause weeds to wither and cause serious damage, thus completely killing them.

weed burner components

What are the components of weed burner?

The weed burner mainly consists of propane tank, hose, and weed burner torch. The propane tank is mainly used to provide fuel for the weed burner. The hose is used to connect the propane tank and the wet burner torch,The Weed Burner Torch consists of components such as a valve, ignition device, nozzle, and grip, mainly used to ignite propane gas and control the direction and size of the flame.Related reading:What is weed puller

How to use weed burner?

Connect propane tank to hose

Firstly, connect the hose and propane tank together. You can rest assured that the hose equipped with the Hardell weed burner is of standard size and can be perfectly and easily connected to the propane tank.

connect of weed burner torch and hose

Then connect the hose to the weed burner torch.

use weed burner

Finally, open the propane tank valve, and then open the rotary valve on the feed burner torch. Be careful not to open it too wide to prevent excessive flames during ignition. Tilt the torch towards the ground and press the ignition button. By adjusting the rotary valve and grip controller to produce growth flames, aim the weed burner torch at the roots or leaves of the weed, causing the moisture inside the weed to evaporate instantly, resulting in the death of the weed.Related article:How to use weed puller

What are the benefits of using weed burner?

  1. Pollution-free

Using weed burner to treat weeds means there is no need to use harmful insecticides or herbicides to treat weeds in the garden.

  1. Save money

Weed burners are affordable, while propane tanks or gas cylinders that provide fuel for burners are affordable. It can save you expensive repeated weed treatment costs, as you only need to invest in weed burner torch and then purchase propane fuel when needed.

  1. Easy to use

Weed burners are relatively easy to use, have low maintenance costs, and do not require a lot of time to weed.

  1. No more back pain

Using weed burner means you don't need to bend down to handle weeds, so your back won't feel pain.Related reading:What are the advantages of weed puller

Weed Burner Application

What are the uses of weed burner?

Weed burners can not only remove weeds, but also be used to melt ice and snow, remove parking lot markings, remove paint, thaw frozen pipes and equipment, melt tar and asphalt, repair roofs, light campfires, and more.

What precautions should be taken when using weed burner?

  1. It is not recommended to use weedburners in windy weather;
  2. Do not use weedburnersto burn poisonous vines or other poisonous plants. Smoke can cause serious allergic reactions and pollute the environment.
  3. Do not use weedburner near flammable materials to prevent uncontrolled flames that may cause damage to your life and property.
  4. Do not burn growing weeds on combustible materials, as this can easily lead to fires.

As a tool for removing weeds, the weed burner can greatly improve the speed of weed removal and reduce time loss. If there are weeds on cracks in your garden or sidewalk, then you need the weed burner. The Hardell Weed Burner Torch can produce flames up to 30 inches in length, allowing for light removal of weeds in crevices. The Hardell Weed Burner torch comes with a 6.7 feet hose, making it easier and faster to handle weeds. What else do you have! Hurry up and click on the picture below to buy. There are still discounts when buying now!

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