How To Use Weed Puller

How To Use Weed Puller - Hardell

When facing a yard or vegetable garden full of weeds,we often choose to pull the weed.With the continuous development of technology,there have been many changes in the ways and tools of pulling weed.Compared to the previous hand pulled weed,now there are more choices for people with weed puller and weed burner,which also bring more convenience and ease to users.However,compared to weed burner,weed puller can more accurately remove the weeds that users want,and during use,it will not cause any damage to other plants around it,which is better than weed burner.Next,Hardell Tools will introduce you to how to use the Hardell Weed Puller.

Assemble weed puller

Step 1,Assemble weed puller

When you receive the Hardell Weed Puller,you should assemble it together.Its assembly is simple,just connect the extension rods together.If you want to sit on a garden kneeler and seat to use weed puller,you only need to use the head of Hardell Weed Puller.

Step 2,Preparing Items

For easier and safer use of the weed puller,it is recommended that you wear work gloves and equip yourself with trash cans or bags,making it convenient for you to put weeds in them at any time.

aim at center of weed

Step 3,Aim at center of weed

When using a weed puller,align it with the center of the weed,making it easy for the puller to accurately grasp the root and easily and thoroughly pull it out.

Stepping on the Foot Pedal

Step 4,Stepping on the foot pedal

If your garden suddenly becomes harder,you can step on the pedal,which will make it easier to insert the weed puller into the center of weeds.Don't worry about damaging the weed puller,Hardell Weed Puller uses a steel head that is very sturdy and won't break.

Pull weed out

Step 5,Pull weed out

When finally pulling out the weeds,due to the serrated pattern on the head of the Hardell Weed Puller,it can firmly grasp the weeds.If the roots of weeds are well-developed,it takes a lot of effort to pull them out;So you can choose to use the pedal as a fulcrum and use the lever principle to easily pull out weeds.Related reading:What are the advantages of weed puller

pull weed

In fact,the function of weed puller is not only to remove weeds,but also to exercise the body during use,allowing you to work and exercise simultaneously.If you are interested in or want to purchase the Hardell Weed Puller,you can click on the image below.There is still a discount for buying now!What are you still hesitating about?

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