Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer - Hardell
Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer - Hardell
Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer - Hardell
Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer - Hardell
Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer - Hardell
use of Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer - Hardell

Hardell HDPQ0101 Paint Sprayer

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  • 【Adjustable flow control】Our high-performance paint sprayer offers adjustable flow control, with a maximum flow rate of 800ML/H, allowing you to customize the paint output to suit any project. Achieve optimal results while minimizing paint waste with precise control over the flow rate.
  • 【Versatile spray patterns】Our paint sprayer gun is versatile, equipped with 5 different size nozzles and 3 spray patterns (horizontal, vertical, and circular) to meet all your painting needs. Choose the perfect nozzle and spray pattern for the job, whether you're painting furniture, cabinets, walls, or any other surface while using this handheld paint sprayer. Get professional-quality results with ease.
  • 【Powerful and efficient】Our hvlp spray gun is equipped with a powerful 650W motor that ensures quick and efficient completion of your project. The 1400ml paint container allows you to paint for longer periods without frequent refills, making it perfect for paint projects. Get your painting done faster and enjoy your newly transformed space sooner.
  • 【Easy cleaning and maintenance】We've included a cleaning brush and nozzle cleaning needle for easy and thorough cleaning. With proper maintenance, your paint sprayer will last longer and continue to perform at its best. Plus, the detachable parts make it easy to clean and store. Say goodbye to messy clean-ups and hello to more time for painting.
  • 【Comfortable and convenient】Our hvlp spray gun is designed with your comfort in mind. The lightweight body (3.3lbs) and ergonomic handle reduce hand fatigue and make it easy to use for extended periods of time. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our paint spray gun is the perfect tool for your painting projects. Upgrade your painting experience now!

Spray Width Control

Easily adjust the spray width to suit your specific spraying environment. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing the length to achieve precise coverage and meet the demands of your project.

3 Spray Patterns

Easily adjust the spray pattern to meet your application needs with our sprayer's three different options: vertical, horizontal, and circular. Simply rotate the Air Cap to select the desired pattern and achieve optimal results for your project.

Adjustable Flow Control

Achieve precise paint work by easily controlling the coating speed and project size with the flow knob adjustment.

 Paint sprayer offers a maximum flow rate of 800ml/min.Experience professional-quality results on various DIY and work applications with ease.

5 Copper Nozzles

With 5 copper nozzles included, paint sprayer offers more options and is suitable for a wider range of occasions and projects.

These copper nozzles provide better durability compared to plastic ones, ensuring they are not easily clogged. They are also anti-corrosion and maintaining a good operating temperature.

80 DIN-s

Our paint sprayers are compatible with a wide range of materials including latex paints, chalks, stains, sealers, and varnishes. With a maximum viscosity of 80 DIN-s, it can handle most paint types with ease.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend using a viscosity cup to measure the viscosity of your diluted paint and ensure it falls within the standard range.

Detachable design

Designed with portability in mind, our paint sprayer features a detachable design that allows for quick and easy cleaning after each use. Say goodbye to time-consuming maintenance and enjoy the convenience of effortless cleaning. Keep your sprayer in top condition for long-lasting performance wherever you go.


  • Model:CZ-5000
  • Voltage:110V~ 60Hz
  • Nozzle Size:0.8mm,1.8mm,1.5mm,2.2mm,2.5mm
  • Max Flow:800ML/Min
  • Max viscosity:80DIN-S
  • Tank Capacity:1400ML
  • Spray Pressure:0.1-0.2Bar


  • 1 X Electric Spray Gun
  • 1 X Paint Container
  • 5 X Filter Paper
  • 1 X Viscosity Cup
  • 1 X Cleaning brush
  • 4 X Replace Nozzles
  • 1 X Nozzle Cleaning Needle
  • 1 X Labor Protection Glove

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great quality

This spray gun is coming in handy for all of my wife's home projects. It's easy for her to use and handle. Not very heavy but sprays nice and evenly.

Very sturdy for the price

I used this sprayer to put a stain on my wood fence. It works okay and saves a lot of time compared to painting with a brush.


I use it to stain my fence and DIY projects. I don't like the idea of using a spray gun for both paint and stain, so this is a nice addition to my painting tools. It might be a good starting gun for crafters who are thinking of getting a spray gun but do not want to spend big dollars.

exciting and compact

I am very excited to put this to use. I always have projects in mind and this is perfect for painting furniture and up cycling. I have yet to use this but it is very well made pieces fit nice and snug and it doesn't seem like you'd break it if it were to drop... toy may have a huge paint mess but seems like it should stand heavy duty.

Good for simple paint jobs

I’m not the world’s most proficient handyman so when I decided to get a spray painter to paint a small bookcase (from the original oak wood to blue to match my walls) I wanted to get the simplest, most adaptable sprayer I could find. And this HARDELL Paint Sprayer was just what I needed.