HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool

HDRT3120 LCD Screen Corded Variable-Speed Rotary Tool

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  • 【Cool LED Screen 】Carefully designed LED screen allows you to clearly see what speed the power rotary tool is. The flex shaft rotary tool is set up with separate speed up and speed down buttons, so you can easily adjust to the speed you want without having to go up to the maximum speed and then get back to the low speed. And the rotary tool kit also has a separate on/off button for your safety.
  • 【178 Various Accessories】178 high-quality and commonly used accessories, including 2 protective covers, 2 polishing tools, 3 grinding tools, 4 cutting tools, 8 drilling tools and 6 sanding tools, which can meet all your DIY needs. Two protective covers are included to protect you when cutting, sanding and drilling. Two different collets, 2.3mm and 3.2mm, are included to fit most brand rotary tool accessories.
  • 【135W & 6 Variable Speed】The high performance power rotary tool has a very powerful motor, 135W, which releases a powerful and stable power. The speed can be adjusted up to 6 speeds, from a minimum of 10,000RPM to a maximum of 35,000RPM.
  • 【Flex Shaft Like a Pen 】To prevent your hands from feeling sore after prolonged use of the rotary tool, we have added a flex shaft that is so small and light that the flex shaft rotary tool can be used as a pen, even after long periods of use, without feeling tired. The 39.37inch flexible shaft allows you to reach hard-to-reach corners, allowing you to work more easily and freely.
  • 【Ideal DIY Tools & Amazing Gift】Our rotary tool comes in a well-designed black box with the accessories in their own orderly place, looking very upscale, easy to place and portable. Perfect for DIY crafts and small home projects. It also makes a great gift for those who are keen on crafting and your family will be so happy and blissful when they receive a unique new rotary tool with digital display screen!

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Why Choose HARDELL 180W Rotary Tool Kit? 

  • 6 Speed Adjustments-- The powerful motor allows for 6 speed adjustments of 10,000/15,000/20,000/25,000/30,000/35,000RPM to meet your needs for different speeds.
  • LED Digital Display Screen--The high quality and unique digital display screen allows you to clearly see what gear the rotary tool is , looks very cool.
  • 178 Accessories--Carefully matched, our rotary tool accessories are equipped with 178 of the most popular accessories for everyday activities such as grinding, drilling, polishing, engraving, cutting, etc., and can also for milling, very versatile.
  • 1M Flex Shaft--The flex shaft is included in the rotary tool kit. It can solve the problem of your hand getting sore after using a large rotary tool for a long time, using the Flex Shaft is as convenient as using a pen. Note: You can hang your rotary tool higher than the work table when using the flexible shaft, so that the shaft can be operated more flexible.
  • A Special Gift--This rotary tool kit is double packed, 178 accessories and the rotary tool are arranged in an orderly manner in a high quality box, which is placed in a finely designed colourful box, the packaging is very delicate. You can give it to your DIY loving family or friends, they will be very happy.


Cool LED Display Screen

As the speed changes, the numbers on the LED digital display will also change, making it easy to see exactly which RPM you are - very cool!

Flexible Flex Shaft

The Flex shaft is about 39.37in. The pen-like flex shaft helps you do some delicate work, allowing your creativity and imagination come to true.

Compatible Collet

The rotary tool kit comes with 2 different collets, 2.3mm and 3.2mm, compatible with most of other brands.

Ventilation Design

The multiple vents on the rotary tool are designed to dissipate the heat generated by the main engine and protect the rotary tool.

Installation Steps

Meet All your Functional Expectations for Rotary Tool Kit ! 

Customer Reviews

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Great kit with a flexible shaft.

This rotary tool surpasses others I've used with its power and convenient digital display.

The LED screen shows the speed clearly, and the separate up/down buttons make speed adjustments a breeze.

With a comprehensive accessory set and a portable case, it's perfect for DIY projects on the go.

I love using it for drilling drainage holes in flower pots and its excellent polishing capabilities.

The included flex-shaft is ideal for intricate tasks and hard-to-reach areas.

Overall, it's a powerful and versatile tool I highly recommend for crafters and DIYers.