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8V Rotary Tools

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HARDELL Plastic Caliper Measuring Tool 6 Inch


2 unit conversions are available for different scenarios, and you can convert between inches and millimeters as needed.

2 Conversions

Automatically shuts down after five minutes of non-use. There is no need to press the on/off key during use and measurement can be done directly.

Automatic Shutdown

The vernier caliper is equipped with 2 batteries to avoid battery discharge.

Multiple Batteries

The caliper is smooth to push and pull, and will not get stuck and cause difficulty in use. It is a small manual helper by your side.

Push and Pull Smooth

A large screen for easy reading

The large screen design can meet your requirements for easy reading. Even if you are far away, you can easily see the numbers on the big screen

Easy to measure irregular shapes

Calipers are different from other rulers and can measure some irregular-shaped products, such as spheres, cylinders, cones, etc. Meet your various measurement needs

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