How To Use A Mini Chainsaw

How To Use A Mini Chainsaw - Hardell

Mini chainsaws,as a new and efficient type of chainsaw,are increasingly being used by people,especially gardeners,farmers,DIYers,etc.Due to their cordless and compact characteristics,mini chainsaws have been praised by users.Mini chainsaws can not only be used at home,but also in outdoor environments far from power sources,as they rely on batteries to supply energy.In fact,many people still have many doubts about how to use a mini chainsaw at this stage.Next,Hardell will explain how to use a mini chainsaw.

mini chainsaw

Firstly,we should know what is a mini chainsaw.

A mini chainsaw is a small and convenient electric tool that is mainly composed of components such as batteries,chains,and the main body.It has the ability to quickly cut and saw materials such as wood,bamboo,and plastic.Mini chainsaws are usually powered by lithium batteries,which are lightweight,portable,easy to operate,and suitable for various occasions such as home,outdoor,and decoration.

Secondly,how to assemble a mini chainsaw.

Taking the Hardell mini chainsaw as an example,we will teach you how to assemble a mini chainsaw

1.Choose the appropriate size guide and chain.If your mini chainsaw only supports one size of chain,there is no choice but to choose it.

chain mounting

2.Then install the chain in the groove of the guide plate,and be careful not to install the chain upside down.

3.Install the chain and guide plate on the main body of the mini chainsaw,as shown in the above figure.

Finally,how to use a mini chainsaw.

mini chainsaw cut bamboo

Taking cutting bamboo as an example,when using a mini chainsaw,first place the chainsaw on the cutting object,and then simultaneously press and hold the switch and protective lock.Slowly apply pressure as the chain deepens,allowing the chain to better cut the object and prevent it from trapping.Remember not to apply too much pressure to the mini chainsaw to prevent the chain from getting stuck and affecting the lifespan of the motor.

The use of a mini chainsaw is no different from traditional chainsaws.After cutting objects,remember not to touch the chain with your hands.After waiting for a period of time,add oil to the chain of the mini chainsaw(How to oil the chain),and place mini chainsaw away from children.

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