How To Oil The Chain Of Mini Chainsaw

How To Oil The Chain Of Mini Chainsaw - Hardell

Electric saws are increasingly appearing in people's lives, cutting trees, branches, bamboo, and even using a mini chainsaw in some DIY jobs. But after using it for a period of time, we found that the chainsaw was not as sharp, and when cutting certain items, it was not as fast as when we first used it. This is actually the signal that the chain of the chainsaw sends to you. “Master, you should add some oil to me, otherwise I will become slower and slower”. So next, Hardell will briefly introduce how to oil the chain.

oil the chain

How to oil the chain?

Please clean the chain before oiling to avoid too much debris.

Evenly drip the lubricating oil on the connection between the chain and the guide rail.

Start the chainsaw at low speed to make the lubricating oil fully contact with the chain.

why oil the chain

Why oil the chain?

Reduce wear: During the operation of the chainsaw, the chain and teeth will continuously rub, generating frictional heat, which leads to wear on the surface of the chain and teeth. Refueling can form a lubricating film, reduce friction, and thus reduce wear.

Protecting gears: The chain and gears interact with each other. If there is no lubricating film on the surface of the chain, it will cause direct friction between metal and metal, leading to wear and deformation of the gear surface. Refueling can reduce the friction between the chain and the gear, protecting the gear from wear and tear.

Extending the service life of the chain: By reducing friction and wear, refueling can extend the service life of the chain, thereby improving the efficiency of the chainsaw.

Keep the chain clean: Adding oil can also prevent impurities such as resin, tree sap, and dust from adhering to the chain, maintaining its cleanliness and normal operation.

advantages of oiling the chain

What are the advantages of oiling the chain?

Improving work efficiency: Refueling can reduce the friction between the chain and saw teeth, making the chainsaw run smoother and improving work efficiency.

Extending service life: Refueling can protect the chain and teeth, reduce wear, and thus extend the service life of the chainsaw.

Cost saving: The extended service life of the chainsaw can reduce the number of chain and saw tooth replacements, thereby saving costs.

Improving safety: Refueling can reduce the heat generated by friction, lower the temperature of the chainsaw during operation, and improve safety.Relater reading:Advantages of cordless chainsaw

After using the chainsaw for a long time, be sure to add oil to your chain in order to keep it in perfect rotation. If you plan to put your chainsaw in the basement, please also oil the chain of chainsaw, as refueling can prevent the saw blades from rusting.

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