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With the continuous development of technology,more and more tools have become smaller and lighter.Tools that used cables or fuel as energy sources have started to use lithium batteries as power sources.The most representative among them is the mini chainsaw,which has been favored by more and more users and DIYER due to its small size,lightweight,and easy operation.Next,Hardell will introduce the world's best mini chainsaw--Hardell mini chainsaw.

Hardell mini chainsaw

What is a mini chainsaw

Mini chainsaws are mainly powered by batteries,which have the characteristics of small size,light weight,and strong power.Especially,mini chainsaws can be operated with one hand,and are deeply loved by users.And mini chainsaws are mostly designed without ropes,which can meet the cutting needs in different scenarios,such as outdoor,high-altitude,farm fruit forests,narrow areas,and so on.

Why is Hardell mini chainsaw the best mini chainsaw?

high facial value of mini chainsaw

High facial value

Appearance and combo power,the combination of white and red colors makes it look more technological,while the black area near the grip can provide greater friction for users,making it easier to operate.Hardell mini chainsaw grip adopts an ergonomic design,ensuring that users can operate it for a long time without feeling discomfort in their hands.


Hardell mini chainsaw weighs only 3 pounds and is extremely small in size.Not only can men operate it with one hand,but women and children can also use it with one hand.

Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

Hardell mini chainsaw is easy to assemble,and can be assembled with bare hands without the use of other tools.You don't have to worry about parts falling off or other situations during use.The mini chainsaw maximizes the use of module design to ensure perfect fit of parts.


Left hand can be used

The vast majority of mini chainsaws on the market can only be used with the right hand due to the position of their trigger,which makes it difficult for left-handed people to use mini chainsaws smoothly.The creative design of Hardell mini chainsaw allows users to use the mini chainsaw normally,whether on their right or left hand.

easy to use

Easy to use

Compared to traditional chainsaws,the use of mini chainsaws is very simple.You can operate it with just one hand,just hold down the trigger and protective lock at the same time to use it normally.Related reading:How to use a mini chainsaw

battery charge of mini chainsaw

Durable battery

The Hardell mini chainsaw has two 21V 2000MAH lithium batteries.When fully charged,the mini chainsaw can last for nearly 30 minutes,and the charging of the batteries is also very simple,just like charging your Apple phone.It takes about 1.5H to fully charge the battery.

resize of mini chainsaw

2 in 1 size

Hardell mini chainsaw supports two sizes of chains,which means Hardell mini chainsaw can be transformed into a 4-inch mini chainsaw and a 6-inch mini chainsaw.All you need to do is replace the two components-the guide bar and chain-to make your mini chainsaw go from 6-inch mini chainsaw to 4-inch mini chainsaw.The replacement size of the mini chainsaw is shown in the above picture:


Strong power

The power of Hardell mini chainsaw is extremely powerful.Trees can be cut in just 5 seconds,wooden boards that are 6 inches wide can be cut in just 4 seconds,and when cutting tree branches,the mini chainsaw can cut in an instant.

High security

Hardell mini chainsaw adopts a dual button,which means that the safety lock and trigger can only work normally when held down at the same time,preventing the phenomenon of the chainsaw being able to work without the operator,and protecting the personal safety of the user.

Hardell mini chainsaw also has a self-protection program.When the motor is overloaded,it can automatically cut off the power to avoid damage to the motor.

open 90 degrees of mini chainsaw protective

Hardell mini chainsaw protective cover can open up to 90 degrees.When using a mini chainsaw,the sawdust generated by cutting may fly into your eyes or the mini chainsaw,and the splash guard can prevent the sawdust from flying,control the direction of the sawdust splashing,and thus protect the safety of the user.

Multiple uses of mini chainsaw

Multiple uses

Hardell mini chainsaw has multiple uses,it can be used to cut wooden boards,trees,branches,and bamboo.If you are a DIY enthusiast,its small size and light weight make it the best choice for your DIY tool.A mini chainsaw can easily help you complete cutting tasks,especially in narrow work areas,and it can still work normally,after all,it is really small.Related reading:what are the uses of mini chainsaw

Hardell mini chainsaw,as the best mini chainsaw,has been praised by buyers and users for its high appearance,versatile use,high power,and high safety.And Hardell offers a 20 day zero risk purchase policy.If you want to purchase a mini chainsaw,you can click the picture below directly,and we will be happy to serve you.There are more discounts for purchasing a mini chainsaw now.

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