“I always find myself reaching for Hardell.” - Neil

“I always find myself reaching for Hardell.” - Neil - Hardell

Hi, my name is Neil, 43 years old and live in Saskatchewan, Canada with my two kids and wife. We started renovating our first house 20 years ago and I have always felt that if I had the right tools for the job, I could learn and do almost anything myself. Being creative has always been an interest of mine, and when my wife gets an idea for a project, it’s my job to figure things out. DIY has always been about learning and pushing myself to build and renovate projects to the best of my ability. There isn’t a better feeling than finishing a project knowing that you built this all by yourself and saved a ton of money doing it. Now none of this could have been done without having the right tool for the job. And one of my favorites is of course my Hardell rotary tool! It’s just so handy and can do multiple jobs with ease. From cutting to drilling, sanding to polishing, I always find myself reaching for this tool.

My wife even steals it from time to time. She says it is lightweight and makes crafting a breeze. I love the quick charging lithium ion battery and the ruggedness of the tool overall. I have dropped it off of a 6 foot ladder and it keeps working. Also, the light on the end of the tool is super nice for when your reaching into tight spaces. I never would have thought that I would use this rotary tool so much. It has saved me so much time and hassle. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. I am thinking about buying another so my wife will stop stealing mine.