Why Is Weed Burner Not Working

Why Is Weed Burner Not Working - Hardell

As the temperature continues to rise, weeds also slowly grow in the gaps between the garden and the stones. Due to the inability of some weed growing areas to be removed by the wee puller, a weed burner is needed to burn them. Some customers or users are using the weed burner for the first time, and improper operation may cause the weed burner to not ignite and work properly. Next, Hardell will briefly explain the reasons why the weed burner is not work?

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  1. The weed burner does not ignite

The most common malfunction of a weed burner is that it does not ignite, and there are several reasons that can cause this malfunction.

(1) There is no propane gas. Due to long-term use of the weed burner without replacing the propane tank, there may be no gas in the propane tank, resulting in the phenomenon of not igniting. Solution: Replace with a new propane tank.

Connect the hose to the torch

(2) Not tightened. Due to the flexible hose connection between the propane tank and the weed burner torch, propane gas leakage may occur due to not tightening the hose. It is recommended to ensure that all components are tightened when connecting.

Point the torch at the ground

(3) The weed burner torch is too high. Many people raise the head of the weed burner when igniting, which rotates parallel to the ground. This can easily cause it to not ignite because propane gas is heavier than air. Therefore, when igniting, the weed burner torch is at a 45 degree angle to the ground and at a height of about 8 inches.

open valve of weed burner torch

(4) The valve is too large. Some users may open the valve wide during ignition, causing a large amount of propane gas to pass through the torch of weed burner. Due to pressure reasons, The Flame Star was blown out, which can easily lead to unsuccessful ignition. The correct approach is to slightly open the valve of the weed burner torch during ignition, usually 15 degrees. After the ignition is successful, you can increase the valve of the weed burner torch.

use the idle boost control lever

(5) Use the idle boost control lever. Some customers also use a idle boost control lever during ignition, but this can also cause the ignition to fail because the pressure rod sprays propane gas out of the nozzle, making the flame longer. Do not use the idle boost control lever during ignition. After successful ignition, increase the valve of the weed burner torch and operate the idle boost control lever. You will find that the flame becomes larger and longer.

Push button ignitor

(6) Igniter malfunction. Sometimes pressing the igniter does not produce sparks, resulting in the inability to ignite propane. At this point, you can try multiple times. If you are still unsuccessful, you can close all valves and check if there is any spark generated when pressing the igniter at the nozzle. Related reading:How to use weed burner

  1. The flame is very small

Some customers have already set the valve to maximum, but the flame of the nozzle is still very small, and the effect is not satisfactory after using the idle boost control lever. If such a problem is found, it is recommended that you replace the propane tank. Insufficient gas in the tube leads to a decrease in pressure, resulting in a smaller and shorter flame.Related article:best weed burner

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Simply put, the most likely cause of malfunction in the use of a weed burner is during ignition, and most of the reasons are due to improper operation. Therefore, it is important to use the weed burner correctly. If your family is still struggling with weeds, you can choose a Hardell Weed Burner, which is safe and reliable, and can be connected to a converter (purchased separately), allowing you to directly connect to a pound propane tank, making your weed burning process easier. What are you still hesitating about? Click on the image below to buy!

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