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What Is Electric Pruning Shears - Hardell

Pruning tree branches is a tedious and important task in gardening assignments. Traditional manual pruning shears can easily cause hand fatigue and affect the pruning effect after prolonged use. As an advanced pruning tool, electric pruning shears are gradually favored by horticultural enthusiasts due to their high efficiency and labor-saving characteristics. Hardell will now provide a detailed introduction to the principle, advantages, and usage precautions of electric pruning shears, allowing you to fully understand this gardening tool.

electric pruning shears cut branch

1、 The principle of electric pruning shears

Electric pruning shears are electrically driven pruning tools that use electric motors to drive blades for quick cutting, thereby achieving the goal of pruning branches. Its working principle is similar to electric scissors, but the blades of electric pruning shears are sharper and more powerful, allowing for easy cutting of branches of varying thicknesses.Related reading:Advantages of weed puller

cut branch of electric pruning shears

2、 The advantages of electric pruning shears

Effortless: Compared with traditional manual pruning shears, electric pruning shears use an electric motor as the power source, which can easily cut branches of different thicknesses, eliminating the tedious action of manual push-pull scissors and greatly reducing the intensity of pruning work.

Efficient: The electric pruning shears have an extremely fast cutting speed and can complete a large amount of pruning work in a short time, greatly improving work efficiency.

Precision: Due to the blade of the electric pruning cutter being able to quickly and accurately cut tree branches, the trimmed tree branches have a more regular shape and a more aesthetically pleasing pruning effect.

Durable: The electric pruning shears are made of metal structure, which has high durability. At the same time, its electric motor and blades have undergone special treatment and can withstand long-term high-intensity work.

Safety: The use of electric pruning shears can avoid muscle fatigue and hand damage caused by prolonged hand force, improving the safety of pruning operations.Related reading:Advantages of 4 inch mini chainsaw

electric pruning shears's uses

3、 Precautions for using electric pruning shears

Before using electric pruning shears, carefully read the product manual to understand their performance and usage methods. Do not use electric pruning shears to cut metal materials to prevent damage.

Before use, check if the battery is fully charged to prevent the phenomenon of stopping work due to insufficient battery power.

When using, appropriate blades should be selected to avoid using unsuitable blades that may result in poor trimming or damage to the blades.

Do not touch or wipe the blades of the electric pruning shears cutter during use to prevent cutting fingers; When facing thicker branches, electric pruning shears can be used multiple times for pruning.Related reading:What can a mini chainsaw cut 

After use, the blades and casing should be cleaned in a timely manner, and the electric pruning shears should be kept clean and hygienic. At the same time, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding moisture and direct sunlight.

replace battery of electric pruning shears

Electric pruning shears, as an advanced gardening tool, have the advantages of being labor-saving, efficient, precise, durable, and safe. Pay attention to safety precautions and follow the correct operating methods when using electric pruning shears. It will become a powerful assistant in gardening operations, making your gardening life more relaxed and enjoyable.

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