Cordless Chainsaw VS Corded Chainsaw,Which Is Better

Cordless Chainsaw VS Corded Chainsaw,Which Is Better - Hardell

Electric saws, whether without ropes or with ropes, are important tools in the wood processing and construction industries. However, with the continuous development of battery technology, the durability of batteries has been rapidly improved, and cordless chainsaws have gradually replaced corded chainsaws. This has led many people to believe that chainsaws with ropes will gradually disappear from people's careers, but in fact, they are not. Cordless chainsaws and corded chainsaws have their own characteristics and advantages, and cordless chainsaws cannot completely replace corded chainsaws. Next, Hardell will delve into which is better, the cordless chainsaw or the corded chainsaw. I hope it has some reference value for you when choosing a suitable chainsaw.

Portability and flexibility

Cordless chainsaws have significant advantages in mobility and flexibility due to the absence of cable limitations. A cordless chainsaw can easily move in the work area, especially in the wilderness, outdoors, and other areas, and is more convenient to use because cables do not limit your range of movement. In contrast, a corded chainsaw requires a fixed power supply and cable, which may create obstacles in the workspace and limit its convenience of use.

cordless chainsaw vs corded chainsaw

Scope of work

Cordless chainsaws are suitable for various operating ranges due to their portability and flexibility. Whether outdoors or indoors, a cordless chainsaw can easily handle it. However, the operating range of a chainsaw is limited by the length of the cable and is usually more suitable for use in fixed locations. If long-distance use is required, you will need longer cables to provide electricity.

Power and performance

Usually, the power and performance of a corded chainsaw are superior to those of a cordless chainsaw. This is because corded chainsaws can transmit more electricity through cables, allowing them to handle heavier tasks and harder wood. However, with the continuous improvement of technology, the power and performance of cordless chainsaws are also gradually improving. Nowadays, the power and performance of many cordless chainsaws can be comparable to those of corded chainsaws.

cordless chainsaw vs corded chainsaw

working hours

Due to the fact that corded  chainsaw are powered by cables, they can work endlessly, for long periods of time, and under high loads with sufficient power. However, cordless chainsaws are usually powered by batteries, which limits their use. But with the rapid development of battery technology today, a single battery is usually enough for a chainsaw to work for nearly an hour, and also enough to complete some simple cutting tasks for users.

service life

The main drawbacks of a cordless chainsaw are battery life and charging issues. Most cordless chainsaws require regular charging, and the battery life will decrease with use. This means that over time, you may need to replace the battery. In contrast, corded chainsaws do not require batteries or charging, so they have advantages in this regard.

Post maintenance

corded chainsaws are usually more complex in maintenance and troubleshooting than cordless chainsaws. Due to the need for cables to supply electrical energy for a corded chainsaw, long-term use of the cables can lead to breakage, leakage, and other phenomena, seriously affecting normal use next time. Cordless chainsaws are usually powered by batteries, and all you need to do is to charge the batteries of the chainsaw on time. When the battery life of the cordless chainsaw expires, all you need is to purchase another battery and you can use the chainsaw normally.

cordless chainsaw vs corded chainsaw

Environmental adaptability

In harsh environments, such as humid and dusty environments, cordless chainsaws are usually more reliable than cordless saws. This is because corded chainsaws do not have complex electronic components and battery systems, making them more adaptable to the environment. Cordless chainsaws may encounter issues such as shortened battery life, decreased performance, or malfunctions in harsh environments.

Use Safety

When used correctly, a cordless chainsaw is usually safer than a corded chainsaw. This is because the cordless chainsaw does not require additional cables to provide power, which reduces the risk of cable leakage and short circuits. On the other hand, with corded chainsaws, due to the need for cables to be exposed to various environments for a long time, they are often subjected to friction and dragging during use, which makes them prone to breakage and short circuits, seriously threatening the personal safety of users.Related reading:Everything of cordless mini chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws and corded chainsaws each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cordless chainsaws have advantages in portability, flexibility, and ease of use, while corded chainsaws typically have better power and performance. When choosing the appropriate chainsaw, you need to weigh these factors based on your specific needs and usage environment. 

There is only a suitable chainsaw, there is no perfect chainsaw.

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