HDRT2260 4V Mini Cordless Rotary Tool - Hardell
HDRT2260 4V Mini Cordless Rotary Tool - Hardell

HDRT2260 4V Mini Cordless Rotary Tool

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【Multifunctional Rotary Tool】 Includes 60pcs accessories (incl. 2.3MM Collet). Ideal for carving, sanding, grinding, polishing, or drilling. Not recommended for heavy cutting.

【3-Speed Setting】Adjustable speeds at 5000/10000/15000 RPM to meet different needs.

【Compact & Portable】Small, lightweight, and precise for DIY and home improvement.

【Quick USB Charging】3.7V 2.0Ah rechargeable lithium battery lasts 120 minutes.

【Indicator & Spindle Lock】Easy accessory changes for an enhanced user experience.

HARDELL 3 Speed Cordless Rotary Tools with 60 Pcs Accessories! MINI Rotary Tool suitable for different DIY working situation.

  • 3 Speed cordless rotary tool will make your wonderful ideas come true.
  • Equipped with 60 pcs tool accessories. You can freely exchange the multifunctional bits, which can be applied to different materials and projects.
  • Your personal design work will be more effective and efficient. you can cut, grind, carve, polish, engrave and other amazing uses by this micro cordless rotary tool.

HARDELL Rotary Tool Kit

You can get Package Contents
25 x Sanding Paper
6 x Sanding Bands
1 x Sanding Drum Mandrel
6 x Stone Grinding Bit
2 x HSS Twist Drill
11 x Diamond Bits
1 x Polishing Wheel
1 x Self-tapping Holder
1 x Cleaning Brush
2 x Wool Felt Wheels
2 x Cutting Wheel1 x Disc Holder

1. Not for Heavy-duty Projects.
2. Do not press the lock button until the tool fully stops, or it may cause damage or even injury.
3. Please refer to the instruction manual for a detailed operation guide.

Usage -- How to Install the Cordless Rotary Tool

1. Press down the spindle locking button and unscrew the nut

2. Choose the suitable collet and put the black nut

3. Insert the bits you need, hold the lock button and screw on the nut tightly.

4. Release the spindle locking button.

The Application of Rotary Tool


The Mini Rotary Tool can help your handmade crafts become smoother and smooth out the uneven surface of crafts by sanding. Such as steel rust, paint and rough wooden boards can be removed by the sanding rotary tool.


Suitable for engraing only light and small projects. Can be used in plastics, wood, housings, and aluminum brass, etc


Micro Rotary tool can help you remove rust from some metal surfaces. Polishing Wheel and Abrasive Stone are suitable for polishing various materials. Reduce the surface roughness of the product to make its surface bright and flat.


Lightable Cordless Rotary Tool can be used for diamond drilling. Different sizes of drill bits and special cutting heads allow you to work easily on wood and other fields.

Small but Power Rotary tool

Variable Speed Tool

Variable Speed Tool: With 3 different levels of RPM, which can be adjusted among 5000/10000/15000 RPM.

USB Charging

USB Charging: Equipped with a USB power cord, making charging easier and more convenient.


Easy-to-use: You can grip it like a pen for ultimate control and precision as well as for comfort.

Light and Mini Design

Light and Mini Cordless design: Cordless design of the rotary tool allows use anywhere without the need for an electrical outlet.

Make your Idea Come True

Polish the Metal, it will gi you the new face.

Polish the surface to smooth .

Make up your pet as your like.

Say goodbye to the rough surface.

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