[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch Cordless - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell
[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw - Hardell

[LIMIT DISCOUNT] HDCS0202 Mini Chainsaw

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  • 【Efficient Brushless Motor】 This mini chainsaw has a strong BRUSHLESS motor that doubles its lifespan and reduces energy usage by 50%. It also produces only 35% of the noise compared to similar products, thanks to its brushless motor. Experience uninterrupted and efficient cutting performance for effortless backyard or garden transformations
  • 【High-speed Cutting】With a chain speed of 23 feet per second (4200RPM), this pruning saw can cut a 6-inch log in 8 seconds
  • 【1-hour Long Battery Life】 Our chainsaw includes 2 rechargeable batteries with long-lasting power. Monitor battery status with the indicator light. Each battery lasts 25-35 mins, providing steady and effective cutting for yard work
  • 【Portable & One-handed Operation】Our cordless chainsaw is designed for convenience, being lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, providing a hassle-free experience for outdoor work
  • 【Wide Applicability】With its powerful performance and user-friendly design, it's the top choice for trimming shrubs, chopping firewood, pruning tree branches, adjusting board sizes, cutting wood, and other tasks in gardens, parks, forests, and orchards
  • 【1-year Warranty & 24h Online】1-year warranty reflecting our confidence and commitment to customers. Our team is available 24/7 for all your customer service needs (pre, during, post buy)

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Great for the price

Love this little saw. Works great

Small but mighty

I put this handsaw through the paces and it did not disappoint. Absolutely must make sure to keep the chain oiled. I find that the battery gets a little hot during use, and the saw stops working, but you can easily swap to the other battery. The batteries also charge fast, and I was able to do so using my power station. I would compare the quality to Blacks and Decker, it's not top of the line, but it gets the job done. It's about the size of a 64 ounce water bottle and very easy to pack. Comes in a nice hard plastic case.

Love this mini chainsaw

Powerful little saw. Getting it with two batteries and a spare chain is a plus. Came all assembled in a nice hard shell storage box. Did some tree trimming and it worked better than I expected. A must have tool for your garden.

Works amazingly

I had my doubts before I ordered it. The pricing is a lot cheaper than what I thought a brand name would cost, but I gave it a try.

Turned out to be one of my best purchases. It cuts through branches like butter. With one hand operation, I can hold branch with one hand and with tool on the other hand. This allows me to prune the tree a lot faster. It also allows me to cut the pruned branches to smaller pieces and compacted better in the trash can.

A few suggestion:
1. Lubricate first. Before usage, loose the chain a little and apply lubricant into the “gap” that the chain rest. I’d say use half of the supply bottle will do. This will prevent tool overheat. And of course, dust off and add more lubricant after each usage. 2. Safety first, wear goggle and long sleeve shirt, now that cutting point is a lot closer to you than when using a pruning stick or chain saw.

It works.

What I like about this mini chainsaw. Battery life, sharp chain blade and high quality motor. Highly recommend 👍 👍 👍